E.F.U.M.C. Youth


Welcome Youth to a brand new year! This year is going to be better than ever, with exciting new (and traditional) activities. Here is a sneak peek at the things you have to look forward to!

Rohm and Barrett Scholarship Application
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SUNDAY MORNING ~ 11:15-12:15 p.m.

Tween Talk, 5th-7th Grade: A SUPER FUN Sunday morning class! Come participate in silly games, important discussions about relationships and friendships and service projects, you can even invite a friend to this active class. Tweens get to participate in their own Tween Group Events twice a month. Come Sundays to get to know each other and discuss how to live and serve in Christian community!

High School Group Chat, 8th-12th Grade: Meets in the Wildish Youth Center. This is a time where our group will focus on faith discussions, devotions, and connecting with one another. Which means our time will rotate between outdoor adventures once a month to explore curriculum and time for growing in our Christian community.


Lock-Ins (Messy Olympics, 30 Hour Famine, Movie Nights):  Throughout the year we will have a couple of nights where we sleep over at the church, staying up late, playing games, and enjoying some awesome activities.

Service Projects (Poinsettia Delivery, Station 7 Decoration, Food for Lane County Collection, Food Bag Ministry) We have a very active mission attitude at our church and are always looking for more ways to serve the community.

Field Trips: These can be to the Bowling Alley, Dickie Joe’s, an Art Exhibit, Movies, Ice Skating.  All information before any of these activities will be available as the date approaches.

SPAM Nights: (Soda, Popcorn, and A Movie) Nights to sit down, and enjoy each other’s company with a good movie and snacks.

Summer Activities: (Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Triangle Lake, Drive-Ins, and More)

Summer Service Project Trips:

Summer after 8th-12th Grade Option
This opportunity is different every year but with same results, community growth in our group and where we serve! Planned by the youth, paid for by fundraisers lead by the youth throughout the year, and supported by our amazing congregation.  This last summer we went to Walker River Reservation in Schurz, Nevada to work with Sierra Service Project on construction projects, who knows where we could go next!

Summer after 5th-8th Grade Option
Keeping closer to home in Portland, Oregon we participate in a long weekend event with the organization L.A.S.T. which stands for Learning And Serving Together. We serve our local community by working on different project every morning and afternoon with serving meals to working on community gardens. This introductory trip is a great way to experience serving in a safe and effective environment. Learn more at http://www.lastnw.com/

Before participating in any activity, please be sure to have filled out a REGISTRATION FORM for your youth. If you want to bring a friend with you, please make sure they bring this form with them as well. Each year we need to update every youth's information, please make sure you are current!

If you have any questions about the activities listed above, or would like to be added to the youth mailing list and weekly update list, please contact Rev. Adam Briddell at adambriddell@gmail.com or call 541-345-8764.